Certain vehicle wrap shops around the GTA are not telling you the truth when it comes to their 3M Preferred Installer status

And if they will blatantly lie on the front page of their website, imagine the stuff they are feeding you. Basically a 3M Preferred Installer is the best in the business. It is extremely hard to become one so I do not take it lightly. There are only a few in Canada and those installers are all on a list at the 3M Canada website. There is not one person on this list who would agree with shops using the 3M Preferred brand on their site or saying they are a 3M Preferred shop when they are not. So we want to do something about it without naming names. If you follow this link to 3M you will be able to cross reference whether the shop you are about to spend a sizable amount of money with is telling you the truth.

Check for 3M Preferred Installer status here


Story by: Charlie Halpin – A 3M Preferred Installer with 25 years experience in the graphics industry.

Charlie Halpin 3M_Preferred Installer for vWrapz vehicle wraps Toronto

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