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We know Smart Cars. We have wrapped dozens of the pint sized billboards. A Smart Car is the typical David and Goliath story. It may be small but it packs a mean punch in the advertising world. In the first place people notice Smart Cars without graphics. Add a well designed wrap to one and you have a fantastic marketing machine. This is what we have noticed. Of course we’ve had our hands on quite a few and driven as many. Bottom line. They turn heads. If you are trying to get your message across and want guaranteed results, just get a Smart Car and we’ll wrap it.
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Rentals of Smart Cars are available from companies we know. We have put together a rental and wrap program. Call for details. So you should be able to rent a Smart Car or other vehicle from us that is wrapped for your special event. Afterward we remove the wrap and arrange for return to your or our rental company.
A new site is being built for this purpose: smartfortwowraps.com
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“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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Charlie, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job that you did on my truck. The expertise and the workmanship on this design are far beyond my expectations. Anybody looking for a wrap will be sent in your direction, you can count on it. WOW! Is what I’m hearing from everyone. Everybody thinks it’s a paint job. They can’t believe that it’s a wrap. I remember telling you on our first conversation that I wanted to get the heads turning when this truck rolls by. Well you sure accomplished my request. Thank you again and keep on the good work. Happy New Year to you and Holly.
Francois Blais -BC Automation/Solar Power Solution